The Main Event

Welcome to the Gambler 500 Rally

From our humble beginnings in 2014 to now the biggest rally in the world we invite you to register for camping at the link below.  We are moving the main event to Chemult details in the registration.


The Gambler 500 is a navigational challenge utilizing fun, cheap or impractical cars.  We invite built off-road and overland rigs to participate and assist those that may need help along the way.  We do not verify purchase prices, we encourage people to bring whatever fits their definition of fun as long as you’re being safe, roadworthy and legal.

We have added a challenge this year to accommodate the volume of participants and add a level of competition.  Those with iOS devices (GPS enabled iPhones and iPads) can download UNPVD which while running in the background tracks and ranks your percentage of unpaved travel you use to get to event.  This allows participants to start their adventure from wherever they choose and select routes that will increase their percentage and ranking.

In addition we promote stewardship by hosting the world’s largest trail cleanup, participants are encouraged to pick up trail debris, appliances, couches, mattresses, etc that have been abandoned along the trail post pics to Instagram tagging @thegambler500 with hashtag #sonsofsmokey for awards provided by Yakima and Benchmade Knife Company.  As always the “Scepter” will be awarded to the team that most embodies the spirit of the Gambler, along with longest trip, most RC looking vehicle, most tactical, most impractical, Recovery Hero etc. thanks to our partners Sig Sauer, JC Whitney, Interco Tire, SuperWinch, EmWest Motorsports, Heatwave Visual, RhinoLinings, TrailworthFab, Total Chaos, MC Custom Fab, Pabst, ICON, Coleman Powersports, Canyon Coolers and AutoPartsWarehouse.

In camp we will be featuring live music by Shane Brown, Blue City Diesel and many more.  We will have BBQ provided by the Bigfoot Tavern, bathrooms, camping spots, minibike excursions, RC courses all among the world’s weirdest car show.

Finding your way:

We HIGHLY recommend using navigation apps capable of downloading offline areas you plan to travel.

You are free to study some previous year’s waypoints for inspiration: 2014 2016(day 1) 2016(day 2)  2017

Consult OHV area maps for off-road areas:

GPX files of Discovery Route: OR BCDR Filtered.gpx

There will be many public start locations Friday and Saturday you can meet up with fellow Gambler and start your trek.  Stay tuned to social media but the new format  allows participants to “Gamble” in from wherever they choose.  For example there are groups launching from Lebanon 7/13 and 7/14.  You are free to show up and set camp as early as noon on Friday the 13th in Chemult then leave on your expedition to log miles and returning for Saturday night and finish by the end of day Sunday at your home or wherever you choose.

More to come