Always Be Gambling

We’re changing the game… adding optional Friday shenanigans

Destination: Central Oregon.  This year we’re structuring opportunities and incentives to Gamble from anywhere to camp (undisclosed location as of yet) where they’ll be beers, bands, BBQ and beaters.  With the upcoming app we can measure just how much you’re Gambling instead of having to follow the same trail as everyone else out of Portland.

Dates: Friday July 13th, Saturday July 14th and Sunday July 15th, 2018

All are welcome, camping $40/head Saturday $60 for both nights, for those that weren’t there last year think Cannonball Run crossed with Burning Man and the Thunderdome.  We’re stocking more beer, more fun and craziness… stay tuned for more info.
In addition to fun we stand for stewardship of the environment and dedication to philanthropy.
They’ll be prizes for most trash cleaned up, acts of conservation, embodying the Gambler spirit and lots more.

remember “fun>rules” and “don’t be a dick”

if you’re complaining or asking a lot of questions you’re probably doing it wrong…


photo credit:  Justin Moore


Vehicle rules:

The vid: