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Get on the mailing list for "Official Gambler 500 Events": HERE We set out to bring cheap automotive fun for the masses... Our Facebook page will keep you up to date on events we're hosting throughout the year CLICK HERE Great American Gambler to SEMA Ignited in Las Vegas October 30-November 2, 2019 details [...]

2019 GAMBLER 500

1.  This is not a race. 2.  There is no $500 rule, cheaper cars win Scepter so no way to cheat with $$$ 3.  We are the world's largest and competitive trail cleanup, bring trash bags there's dumpsters at camp. 4.  You are responsible for your actions, same legal standards apply as any other [...]

HooptieX, communications, Pet Food Drive and Whiskey

Come rip a lap for fun June 28th and 29th for OG Offical HooptieX 133900 Riverview St Crescent, OR Gambler Kickoff and Whiskey release June 23rd Beer, bands and beaters... 11-7pm at 503 Distilling 275 Beavercreek Rd. Oregon City   ^we made these things for phone to navigate they're cool and super strong Bring a [...]

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Gambler 500 a brief history…

and where we're going... (2019 registration links emailed and posted end of month) come to our charity event March 24th at the Corner Saloon.  Raffling cars, auction and door prizes 100% of proceeds to MR8 Foundation The Gambler 500 started like all great things in a bar room over beers among [...]

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