Navigate using your favorite mapping app to the 10 points on the Newberry Country Trail using all backroads and unpvd.com app running in background to track your offroad percentage score.

Gamblerfest 2018


Things have changed for the better (remember 21+ please)

The Gambler 500 Rally is a navigational challenge based on fun, cheap cars, adventure and stewardship of the outdoors.

Stay off Green Dot roads: oregon.gov/ODF/Recreation/Pages/RoadClosure.aspx


We promote the discovery, use and protection of public lands.  It is not a race, it is not dangerous, you are piloting street legal, insured vehicles overland while observing all the rules of the road you are beholden to every other day of your life.  Every participant is responsible for their actions and will be held accountable.

Fire safety is a top priority if you cannot abide by the standards and practices set forth by smokeybear.com/en then please do not attend.  Stay on trail be smart and bring two fire extinguishers, a shovel, spark arrestor equipped vehicle if needed.  info: oregon.gov/oprd/ATV/docs/hb_laws_rules.pdf

The UnPaved Challenge: unpvd.com (YOU MUST LOG IN WHILE YOU HAVE DATA SERVICE) allows us to track and and rank your percentage of unpaved surfaces taken (i.e. dirt, gravel etc.) for 500+ miles during the event 7/13/7/15.  Simply log in when you start your journey and leave it running in background for the weekend as you use whatever navigation app (remember to download offline areas) don’t worry if you stop and start all the miles will be accumulated (although distances traveled while off will count as paved).  We will be posting the results shortly after the event has ended.  Sorry iOS only until Android learns to play nice with our mapping software, also not required to participate in the event!

The intent of the event is to find your own way across backroads to the event but here are some resources for guidance.  Make sure you download all the offline maps, studied the previous years waypoints 2014 2016(day 1) 2016(day 2) 2017 ….Outback Discovery Routes  look for (OHV areas) along the way HERE and buy an OHV sticker for your car as it is a Class II OHV.  Make it from wherever you are down to camp in Chemult (Friday or Saturday) and be welcomed with a cold Pabst like the king you are then Gamble all weekend with your new besties.


As Gamblers we pride ourselves on cleaning up the roads and trails we travel, look for trash, abandoned appliances, couches, mattresses, carpet etc along the way and be welcomed to camp as a hero as you throw in our 40 yard dumpsters at camp provided by Kahut Services .   Prizes for most trash, biggest trash, shooting pit debris etc will all be given out at camp take a pic and tag @thegambler500 and @sonsofsmokey #sonsofsmokey to be entered!

Finding your way:  with so many participants we cannot take the same path… plus that’d be boring.  The intent is for you to find your way from wherever you want to Gamblerfest in Chemult, OR don’t worry you’ll still be running into Gamblers throughout the trip.  We have provided you with some resources if you choose…

Forest Service Interactive Travel Map: apps.fs.fed.us/TravelAccess/#

Conversion Brewing and the City of Lebanon have teamed up to help launch Gamblers from downtown Friday July 13th and 14th.  Show up between 8am and 11pm Friday or Saturday to gas up and get groceries in town then head over to conversion brewing and get their suggested places to travel.  They’ll have food and bands starting as early as 11am Friday  if you want to hang out there, heck you can stay in town and hit the road Saturday if you choose. Conversion Brewing 833 S Main St, Lebanon, OR

EmWest Motorsports has suggested places to see as well follow them on FB and IG for details: facebook.com/events/2386288944718362/

EmWest Motorsports – instagram.com

Shooting pit cleanup sites (find your own along your route):

Chemult: 43.503205, -121.658159

Crescent: 43.498610, -121.841847

West of Bend: 44.0191667, -121.4644444

China Hat: 43.951671, -121.220053 & 43.9579596 -121.2397058

Sunriver: 43.864163, -121.387490

On Sunday if you’re done head on back, still have some miles to log… Gamble home and check unpvd.com for the results.

If you have a built rig you can still participate as a recovery volunteer, register like everyone else and come have fun in the outdoors just help people out.

The Scepter:  This award has been handed down year after year to the team that most embodies the Gambler spirit.  The cheapest car, the coolest people, helpful on trail etc.

There will also be awards for farthest traveled, #haterclass, Recovery Hero by Superwinch and more.

Essentials (not limited to):  Fire extinguishers, CB, walkie talkie (or licensed HAM) water, food, beverages, shovel, first aid, spare tires, tow strap and a your navigational equipment (make sure to download offline areas).

Coms:  2 way “walkie talkie”: 15  CB channel:15  GMRS: 5

It’s important to remember that it’s all for fun.  Show up and show out, 2,500 people can’t be wrong.  All the changes were for you and the prosperity of the event and I promise it only makes it better.  We welcome all recovery rigs and visitors.  As always nobody cares what car you bring just make it cheap, fun or impractical.  


Stay tuned Gamblers more details soon.