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come to our charity event March 24th at the Corner Saloon.  Raffling cars, auction and door prizes 100% of proceeds to MR8 Foundation

The Gambler 500 started like all great things in a bar room over beers among friends.  The mission was to plan an adventure across Oregon pitting each other to a navigation challenge using cheap cars.  Over the course of 3 years it became the highlight of our year and as our small group grew we still had massive fun.  It evolved each year some taking it more seriously than others, adjusting the formula (Tate Morgan) had run alongside everyone previously finally relegated to management and recovery duty by year three and beyond.  We settled on gathering the morning of, handing out a list of waypoints scattered across remote areas of Oregon, staggered starts every 3-5 minutes tasked with finding them and new awesome places along the way (everyone typically took different paths banking on theirs being the best).  Everyone was responsible for following all the rules and laws of the road as any other day.  Speed limits, licensed and registered, road legal and always saving adult beverages for camp that night.  We had purposefully stayed below the radar as to not draw  attention but when we casually shared some random cell phone videos with Chubbies (TM) who then made the epic viral video of our adventures (updated for 2019) the cat was out of the bag meow.

Completely swamped with interest from across the country we decided to create a culture of likeminded fun seekers and figure out a way for everyone to participate in smaller groups throughout the year in hopes everyone could also make it out to Oregon for the annual National Meet.  We suggested that if people wanted to start local regional gamblers across the country and run grassroots events they could use the trademarked name “Gambler” and logo as long as they didn’t make it commercial.  The rule being that Gambler waypoint events are always free but if you had to rent a campground or off-road park for the midway party and people wanted to support that’s cool.  One by one each local coordinator contacted us and were granted permission as long as they stayed true to the mantras of “FUN>RULES” and “don’t be a dick”.  Since it is not a race the old dogma of regulations was out the window as it’s impossible to cheat when the person who brings the crappiest car and is the coolest person wins (the Scepter).  Big egos are left at home, welcoming to all people and cars, we clean up the trails along the way and pride ourselves as stewards of the environment and ambassadors of the off-road and motorsport community.

We would like to thank every single one of our original participants for allowing us to share the event with the world, it’s our hope that we get back out soon on another weekend and do it like we used to in a small group of 10-30 cars.

We would love to see everyone from across the world here at our National meetup in Central Oregon June 28-30 2019 but take time to find local gamblers on Facebook organized by amazing people across the world now.  I also encourage you to have the same type of fun we used to, shoot a text out to a few buddies, get some crappy cars and go “Gambling” as the verb has been coined.

We now focus on being the hub that connects cheap fun havers, by partnering with brands such as Interco Tire, KC HiLites, Heatwave Visual, TRAXXAS , Yakima and Rhino Linings we are able to fund media projects and expose the brand to more people and grow the family.  We’re hosting minibike racing, Gambler Tough Trucks (in Redmond this weekend March 15&16), HooptieX and more.  We’d like to thank the media platforms that brought you all together make sure to reach out over social and thank them if you get the chance.

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Gambler 500 is the calling card for cheap fun havers, whether it’s cars, minibikes, tuff trucks etc. or that you take pride in daily driving a beater you’re a Gambler.  Welcome.

Facebook:  The Original… The Natty… The Grandaddy Gamblerfest Grand National Gamblercon Annual Meetup June 28-30, 2019 HERE


Go have adventures.