1.  This is not a race.

2.  There is no $500 rule, cheaper cars win Scepter so no way to cheat with $$$

3.  We are the world’s largest and competitive trail cleanup, bring trash bags there’s dumpsters at camp.

4.  You are responsible for your actions, same legal standards apply as any other day.

5.  Don’t be a dick.

Camp is rustic, dusty and post apocalyptic, there will be places to park if you choose to camp elsewhere and just come to hang out with fellow gamblers.  Camp tightly, sorry no savesies if you want to camp next to friends travel with your friends.

There is no official route, the goal is to reach Gamblertown using as little pavement as possible “pavement is lava” drive safe as you be sharing and interacting with thousands of other gambler cars.  The best challenge is navigating stock 2WD cars over backroads that trucks and SUVs wouldn’t have a problem with but you’ll find plenty of challenges for built rigs along the way.

For iOS users (yes Android eventually) please help us develop our new navigation app all the options are preloaded into the links, we will also be posting Easter eggs that automatically populate on the maps throughout the weekend: mobarmor.com/gambler500

Some people have provided a little more structure if you choose, options below.

1.  Portland start sponsored by O’Reilly Auto Parts Saturday June 29th (or on Casual Friday the 28th), will be onsite with swag both official start Saturday and Casual Friday ROLLING START anytime between 7am-12pm

  • starting from World of Speed in Wilsonville BRING A BAG OF PET FOOD for Sue Tate Doggo and Meow Meow Num Num for Empty Tum Tums Chowndation.
  • then Kahut Services pick up free Gambler branded trash bags at 1600 4th Ave Canby
  •  Conversion Brewing in Lebanon where they will be posting their own optional waypoints leading over the mountains through Bend to Deschutes Brewery 901 SW Simpson Ave, Bend, OR(collect trash along the way and throw in their bins for dock sale prices on beer if you choose) then into Gamblertown.

2.   Klamath Falls Start, Saturday June 29th (or on Casual Friday the 28th) ROLLING START anytime between 7am-12pm


When you get here, the La Pine Chamber and Discover Klamath have developed the  The Newberry Country Trail with 10 options for destinations reachable from camp I suggest picking a few you’ve never seen and visit them using the least pavement as possible.  It will be posted on their facebook page the day before event:  https://www.facebook.com/Newberry-Country-Trail-1882052202091867/

also The Devil’s Starfish loop suggestions will be posted to EmWest‘s Facebook and Instagram June 27th.

PLUS: #GamblerHunt: hunt other gamblers and waypoints by searching #GamblerHunt on Instagram for pics and waypoints, post your own pics with waypoints and use the hashtag: #GamblerHunt and #unpavedchallenge @thegambler500 will be reposting and tagging the best.

The USFS has identified these waypoints that need help with dumped items…

  • 43.73963,-121.71086
  • 43;29;38.81, -121;50;22.10
  • 43;21;58, 121;47;45
  • Muttonchop cinder pit; 43°21’40.60″N; 121°50’57.67″W
  • Finley butte cinder pit; 43°38’51.39″N; 121°25’42.27″W
  • Black Rock cinder pit; 43°31’38.05″N; 121°48’41.25″W
  • BOAT!!!!: 43.706614,-121.40628 LEJUND STATUS

Use OHV options for technical off-road shenanigan funmake sure your vehicle or minibike has an OHV permit if you plan to utilize OHV property PURCHASE online HEREyes cars are class II

There is 30 cases of Gambler Whiskey at Gilchrist Market

Save your cans for Crescent Fire District fundraiser, they’ll be onsite make sure to thank them for their support.

Remember no trailers in Gamblertown, they’ll be signs for off-site trailer parking down the road from Gamblertown make sure to check that option.

Once you’re parked you’re parked, no hill climbing the pumice pits in cars (feets OK) no parades in camp this year too dusty and too dangerous sorry no fires BBQs ok.  Parade is down main street in Chemult.  Remember costumes or themes are good.

The Gambler Car Show by TRAXXAS RC is back again Saturday evening we will be selecting a winner for each category throughout Gamblertown for Craziest Build, Most RC Car like and Best Overland/SIRCH&RASCUE rig each winner will receive a TRAXXAS RC car.



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