How do I participate?

The main event is July 14&15 with an optional July 13th, more details coming soon.  We are open to everyone 21 and over.  There is no official registration yet please RSVP on FB here: RSVP  Cars have to be road legal and insured, they should be cheap, fun or impractical meaning that it doesn’t have to be $500 cuz nobody checks.  The way to “win” or be awarded the “SCEPTER” is by bringing the crappiest or most emblematic car, so you can’t cheat by spending more.  You can bring your built 4WD if you want to help with recovery, just make sure you have a radio, first aid kit, fire extinguisher and a tow strap.  The number one rule is “don’t be a dick”.

It is a “Navigational Challenge” which typically relied on you navigating between prescribed waypoints, we have become the largest rally in the world and are working on new mapping technology to avoid congestion on the trails and roadways.  This will also allow you to “Gamble” from anywhere to our event in Central Oregon.

We are still scouting the camp location, it will be in Central Oregon it will cost $40/person to cover insurance, fees and overhead.  There will be breweries giving away beer while it lasts, food for purchase and bands all night.  We hope to have an autocross track there for shenanigans plus other fun.  One of the best parts about the event is camp, sharing stories, checking out rigs and becoming Gambler family.

The Gambler 500 stands for stewardship of public lands, in 2017 we held the world’s largest trail cleanup, we hauled out couches, carpet, appliances and 80 yards worth of trail and shooting trash.  Our partners awarded an AR15, Yakima racks, Benchmade knives, Ooakforge slingshots and much more to the people who represented Gambler pride of land ownership.  Gambler participants also auctioned off 10 cars to benefit the Children’s Cancer Association.  The underlying theme being if you’re going to go have the most fun in the world it should be paired with doing some good.

Since it’s inception in 2014 we have opened up to groups starting their own events around the country.  They are independently organized by brilliant amazing people who get it and just want to have fun like us.  You can find most of the groups and organizations on Facebook by searching:  HERE

We pride ourselves on having fun and avoiding getting bogged down by rules, we are sustainable only because we respect each other, the public, the law and the land.  We can honestly say this is the most fun you might ever have and we’re stoked to have you and remember “Always be Gambling“.

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