(don’t worry there will be more updates, more points of interest, more rad stuff  plus more info leading up to event)

Now that we’re the biggest rally in the world we had to change a few things…  Some for safety, mostly for fun, all for the better.

Having all the vehicles sit through 12 hours of launching from Portland is unnecessary since the event is not timed.  It bottlenecks all the participants on the same roads through a concentrated part of the mountain range which leads to congestion and traffic.

The solution:  Spread out a little…

Here are the three ways to Gamble this year:

  1. Old School:  Conversion Brewing and the City of Lebanon have teamed up to help launch Gamblers from downtown Friday July 13th and 14th.  Show up between 8am and 11pm Friday to gas up and get groceries in town then head over to conversion brewing and get their set of waypoints.  They’ll have food and bands starting as early as 11am if you want to hang out there, heck you can stay in town and hit the road Saturday if you choose.  They will also be available all day Saturday if you stop by Conversion Brewing 833 S Main St, Lebanon, OR.
  1. Trailblazer:  You’re a rebel, you’re an off-road legend or you’re a Gambler vet.  You’ve downloaded all the offline maps, studied the previous years waypoints 2014 2016(day 1) 2016(day 2) 2017 ….you know the Outback Discovery Routes like the back of your hand, you’ve purchased an OHV permit found the Devil’s Buttholes along the way HERE   Make it from wherever you are down to camp in Chemult (Friday or Saturday) and be welcomed with a cold Pabst like the king you are then Gamble all weekend with your new besties.
  1. The Devil’s Triangle:  Come straight to Gamblertown in 110 BEAR FLAT RD CHEMULT, OR Friday or Saturday set up camp and navigate to LaPine, to Fort Rock and back to Chemult as many times as it takes you to hit 500 miles over the weekend.  There are endless backroad to get you there and plenty of Gamblers to hang and help if you have trouble.

On Sunday if you’re done head on back, still have some miles to log… Gamble home and check for the results.

The Competition:  

  1. The Scepter:  This award has been handed down year after year to the team that most embodies the Gambler spirit.  The cheapest car, the coolest people, helpful on trail etc.
  1. Stewardship:  Every gambler picks up litter and trail trash along the way, if we’re going to have fun we’re gonna help.  Snap a pic and tag us on Instagram @thegambler500 #sonsofsmokey and we’ll be selecting 5 teams to receive awards from our sponsors SigSauer, Yakima, Benchmade, Heatwave and JC Whitney.
  1. UnPaved:  Racing is expensive and illegal on public roads.  We created an app for iOS (sorry Droid doesn’t support our mapping software, complain to them not us!) that runs in the background of your device using GPS and measures your percentage of unpaved surfaces used during the event.  We will list the results after the event.  Go to 
  1. There will also be awards for farthest traveled, #haterclass, Recovery Hero by Superwinch and more.

It’s important to remember that it’s all for fun.  Show up and show out, 2,500 people can’t be wrong.  All the changes were for you and the prosperity of the event and I promise it only makes it better.  We welcome all recovery rigs and visitors.  As always nobody cares what car you bring just make it cheap, fun or impractical.  Stay tuned for handheld, CB and HAM channels for coms.


Stay tuned Gamblers more details soon.

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